At the public hospital, if you benefit from social security coverage and if you are eligible for obesity surgery, you can be operated free of charge (apart from preoperative consultations: the preoperative assessment is performed externally on more often).


In private clinics, on the other hand, the surgeon may - if his qualifications and his reputation allow it - ask you for additional fees. You should know that the fees paid to the surgeon by social security for a sleeve and the operating suites are 435 Euros. These additional fees may be reimbursed by your mutual insurance company according to the guarantees of the contract.


It is therefore imperative, before any decision, to consult these guarantees (!) To be confirmed by a quote sent to your mutual insurance company, as required by law.

During the first consultation, we prescribe a first assessment which will confirm the operating indication: blood assessment, cardiology consultation, search for sleep apnea syndrome and write a quote for the mutual.


During the second consultation, based on this initial assessment, if it confirms the operative indication and the mutual fund's response, we decide with the patient where the intervention will be performed.