This Patient Meeting Group allows patients to exchange in a friendly atmosphere on their experiences, their experiences, their apprehensions, their successes and meets once a month on Saturdays, from 10 to 12 hours, at the Clinique Internationale du Parc Monceau, 21 Rue de Chazelles, 75017 Paris. The meeting is moderated by Nikita Roux, dietician.

Bariatric Surgeon Dr. Bruto Randone attends the meeting to answer questions regarding obesity surgery.

The meeting is also an opportunity to set up an exchange between preoperative and postoperative patients. They will be invited to share their different experiences and can ask any questions they wish.

In order to finance these activities, the organizing association requests a single subscription of 20 euros for 6 months, during which you will be able to participate in the various discussion groups and all the dietetic activities. This subscription allows the association to create various projects around bariatric surgery, for pre and post-operative patients.

A certificate is given to the participants at the end of the speaking group. This will allow you to produce proof to Social Security concerning the dietary follow-up before and after surgery. It also concerns patients who have already been operated on in order to justify a possible use of reconstructive plastic surgery or another bariatric intervention. *

The dates of these meetings are posted on our site in the menu under the NEWS section.


* Source: The Clinique Internationale du Parc Monceau